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Does Not Compute

Today’s WAM was brought to you by a very BAD MOOD.

Thankfully, by the time this goes online and you all are seeing it, said Bad Mood will have probably passed because:

1) I’ll have been to church and playing in the orchestra always makes me feel better.

2) I’ll have seen Gin sitting comfortably next to Izuru on my desk.

3) I’ll be molesting my Salty Dog Art Books.

In other news, Fractured Mentality finally separated itself from into it’s own site. Go check it out should you dare.

And hopefully by sometime this week someone will have noticed a certain news post on my front page and have replied. XD I am curious.

And now I’m going to sit back and eagerly await the arrival of my Red Vs Blue Box Set. RED TEAM FTW. *foams*

…*adds yet another thing to list of things Liliy should not do before drawing WAM*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“A Fine, Fine Line” from the Avenue Q Soundtrack


RvB box set?! -steals before you get it- Caboose, Church, and Grif are awesome. So’s Doc.

Driver broke her sisters! -pats Valkyries- Poor things…


pretty cool comic today….thumbs up

and in other news…
don’t know if you watch it or anything….but over here in the gloriously sunny UK there is a very inaccurate depiction on the life of Merlin…its just a crappy drama with magic in and no historical or Arthurian accuracy to be honest…but aaaaaanyways, guess who just popped up? yup thats right….a young little Mordred…and looks scarily like what yours might look like….a bit too blue though :/
ahwell, just thought it’d be interesting :B


:lol2: That’s pretty funny. Hope they can be fixed in time for the concert. :happy:

Also, I wanted that Devil’s Diary opening scene, and read what it was about(onyour blog and from some other stuff), and I gotta say, total Death Note rip off! I mean, come on!
Though, I’d probably still watch it just to see if it’s even 1/10 as good as DN. Probably not. :P


I honestly can’t picture Driver serving under Azrael. She would be far too insubordinate for him. She’d give him a headache before breakfast. :lol2:

It’s funny how Svafa’s mouth is still open after Driver broke her sisters. She was just in the middle of saying something, and then got broken right at that moment. :happy: Now they all look like they’re frozen in time.


The Valkyries and Driver really have cornered the market on cuteness. ^_^ Poor Valkyries are always overconsumed with Azrael-worship, and poor Driver is hopelessly unable to change their minds. The four of them are adorable in all their idiosyncrasies.


You bought the ReVerB box set. XD Let me guess: you couldn’t go one more day without hearing “Back off! He’s mine!” Personally, I can’t go without hearing “If anyone’s gonna make my girlfriend cranky and psychotic, it’s gonna be me!” “Aw, that’s sweet.” “Shut up, &!^(#.” “@$$#*!%.” at least once a year. And “Kill the Reds! Kill the Reds! Kill the Reds!” Blue Team transcendent!

I like this one. It shows the differences in the Valkyries’ stances and figures. Poor Driver– the Valkyries don’t know when to quit. :$


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