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Dog is Fine. Watch HER.

Ug. Color later. Works’ been pretty rough this week. Sorry! T_T

Edit: Color’s up & Sunday’s WaM’ll be late. It’s been a long week. XD


Grendel, get the orb and …hug it? I don’t know, but someone needs to calm her down. And Grendel playing ball with the orb is just amusing to me.


Ye gads! She just sent chills down my spine.

Or maybe it’s because I keep the house cold so I’m not paying through the nose for heating…

Anyway, definitely wasn’t expecting that twist!


No, seriously, if she is taken down by the dog
….I don’t even know what that would be.
but I hope she gets to be SUPER EVIL before something like that happens


Who’s guessing she gets distracted by shinies? I AM!


Hmmm, I was thinking more along the lines:

Mordred: O.O
Mordred: Together forever! *looking around desperately*
Bliss: OKAY! :D

And then there will be sparkles and happiness.


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