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Whoo~ Just watched the first two episodes of Space Cases (and why this WaM is late…hee) – I loved that show so much when I was young. ┬áRadu & the Commander were my favorite characters. And Harlan is a Power Ranger. :D

Hmm. Oh, played through the first two trials of Ace Attorney Investigations (Miles Edgeworth) and I love it so. XD Man the Phoenix Wright series is a ridiculously amusing set of games. *hugs them*

And if you’re wondering I like Apollo. So there! He needs to star in Game 5 whenever it comes out…

Right. You’re here for the comic not my ramblings about stuff I watch…or are you? Either way – Galen got a cast page and apparently people like her profile image. Who knew Ax Crazy could be so sexy? :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“My Hands” by Leona Lewis


Haha, love those Alice in Wonderland references. I wonder if someone will drink from that bottle on the table and change in size. XD You drew the White Rabbit extremely well. Nice waistcoat. ^_^

Wiglaf shows amazing restraint when Mordred snatches his book. XD I guess Wonderland will give you inspiration to travel to new places.


Lol, oh Mordred. :P

But gasp! I have something to point out as a potential flaw – in panel 2, the first (left) speech bubble appears to be coming from Wiglaf, and not from Mordred (who said it?). I would assume that Wiglaf would not make a statement like that for no reason, calling Mordred a Lackey, unless he was imitating him, in which cause quotes would be around it.

I would suggested changing it so both bubbles are connected in that panel. It’s not a huge deal, but if someone was tired or not paying too much attention, they could get temporarily confused.


I have a feeling Wiglaf LET Mordred find some rather evil mythos… :meh:

PS: Is it bad that I’ve already seen Alice in Wonderland twice?


Great comic! Galen’s cast page is indeed kickass. Woooooooot Road Trip! New plot arc?

Plus also: you linked to tvtropes. Now I will never be free.


Hmm.. a Mordred planned road trip? This.. could be interesting. Or terrifying! One of the two!

I am going to miss Mordred’s pink hair… maybe he’ll do something silly to Wiglaf again and it will get redyed!

I could have sworn I saw a Oryctolagus Cuniculus there. Could have SWORN! But I’m not sure. Its very fuzzy. <__>

By the by, if you can (its annoyingly hard to hunt down) you should listen to The Rabbit by Mike Snow. Great song!


All this rabbit talk and Oryctolagus Cuniculus talk is very confusing. Did Liliy’s commentators get together and decide to punk her in honor of Alice in Wonderland?? If so you left me off the list.


Hmm… I wonder what Mordred spotted… Oh, and I finally got a copy of Ace Attorney Investigations as well! (It was sold out practically everywhere, who knew it was so popular?) I’ve gotten through the first case, and I must say that the whole game looks very pretty. And the funny thing is, I related to Apollo a lot in that game; I was generally as confused as he was . XD


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