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Don’t Call Her ‘Bell’ or ‘Anna’

Sorry. I started on time and I’m still an hour late. My bad. XD



Oh my god, I think I may have a new favorite character.Who is the only artifact other than Malachi that I can think of whose spirit isn’t the same color as the base artifact.


Base Artifact is very loose though. We know from the reinforcements Grace has been through that you can add(, and, from Bliss’ orb cracking, remove,) material to the base artifacts. Also, Bliss’ orb isn’t really the same color as she is, and neither is the french misogynist one whose name I don’t remember.


What do mean ‘reinforcements’? Grace is still a sword. You can’t add or take anything away from the artefacts, is they ARE the artefacts(their bodies just went from human to, inanimate object).
Adding wouldn’t do much aside changing the item’s appearance, and taking away would hurt them(as we saw when Bliss got cracked, it hurt her).

The sword you’re thinking of is Éclat. Also Prudence isn’t a green coloured sword, but the attacked spirit is green. Malachi is a black cell phone, but a yellow spirit. So artefact-spirit aren’t generally colour coordinated.


Jade is the green one. Prudence is black.


Also, Bliss’ orb is a mix of blue an pink, just like her.


And on a third note, I’ve been looking back through the archives, and Eclat is the same color as the blade of his sword.


Bliss’ orb is only blue. The aura has a light pinkish-purple tint to it though

Prudence’s Spirit is also green. It’s a more earthy, dark green than Jade, however. Her sword has a brass handle with leather around the grip, and her blade is regular steel grey.

Éclat is blue, while his sword is gold with red gem insets, and the blade is regular grey steel.

(Sorry, just clarifying. XD;;)


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