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Don’t Call Him A Monster!

Hissy takes offense at that!

Ug. So tired…ten minutes late isn’t that bad. XD

Ha ha; Wiglaf’s jealous. *snickers*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Super Villain” by Powerman 5000


I think Liliy has some backstory.

:love: then :injured: now :X

Mordred and Lancelot… I think my brain exploded.


This sets up a very entertaining dynamic among the three of them. Now we will see Lancelot competing with Wiglaf for Mordred’s friendship in addition to trying to romance Driver. XD Nice flower art for the background.


Lancelot certainly has a somewhat higher gentility to him– he hasn’t even tried to comment on Mordred’s pink hair, yet. Though, odds are it looks like a particular breed of rare fuchsia to him. :) Nice work, Liliy.


The dialogue is priceless… and Lancelot seems fun already! :lol: Awww… wiglaf’s jealousy is cute! :lol2: And I love the way you draw his and security’s eyes more like Ichimaru’s than any of the other characters :happy:


I think I like Lancelot already… Possibly because I have an interest in biochemistry.

“I am not a mad scientist! I am a botany weaponization researcher!”


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