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Don’t Correct Him

Heh. :3

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“Biggering” by The 88 (From The Lorax Soundtrack)


Why do I get the feeling Vilhelm and Arthur Sr. were enemies at one point and time……also does everyone in the older generation know of Security?!


Arthur Snr Knows Security. Just after Sedrick ran amok there’s conversation between the two of them.
Only I can’t find the comic.


This is the same type of conversations my friend and I have whenever she uses certain figures of speech and I point out technicalities. And there are those exact same pauses where I stop talking and she stares at me. I love this page its just one of my favorites


magic must be tricky, being beat by someone who has a special magic is no shame; beaten by someone with far more superior science that it seems like magic, makes you feel like a caveman. much more embarrassing. especially you’ve been trying to keep him out by magical means for years…


Wooo! I caught up. Wait. Dammit. I caught up. Now I have to *wait* for the story. On the plus side, I may not fail my finals now. Such a good comic!


OMG yes.
FINALLY some info on Security.
am a little bit torn tho…. kinda dont want an explanation….. BUT SCREW THAT PART OF ME I WANT SCIENCE


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