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Don’t Do Friends Favors

Ha ha. I know I got it up on the 21st, but it’s dated for the 20th…cause that way I can feel better about myself.


*throws up comic and runs*


gasp! he is an immortal who is part of a cabal of wizards who transformed poor innocent people into magical weapons.
Ok I guess he is evil, it was too much to expect a good character in this comic.


note that only the transforming innocents into weapons is evil. Being an immortal wizard isn’t, it is pretty f****** boss actually.


But does ‘our toys’ mean ‘the toys that we were involved in making’ or does it just mean ‘the collection of magical objects that is our personal priority’?


Given how the older ‘intelligent’ magic items seem to be somewhat to severely insane; you don’t suppose Vilhelm and this mystery group monitor and contain such artifacts, perhaps even destroying the excessively dangerous ones.
Maybe leading to whomever is making the items from Grace’s set having to recreate some of the items.


Does anyone else get the impression that he’s talking to/about whathisface, Wiglaf’s biological father?


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