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Don’t Draw Attention, Idiot

Ug. I was planning to draw WAM early (Wed. Night) but I ended up working until eight or so PM. So, anyway I was too tired to draw and Thursday night I’ll be gone all night.

So, you get a sketch of Gawain for now. WAM will be up either Friday night or Saturday morning. Watch the RSS feed if you want the exact time.

Thanks for being patient with me. :injured: I do appreciate it.

The Fill Image of Gawain That Was Up Previously

There. XD It’s up and done and now I need to sleep so I can work on tomorrow’s. *dies*


Sweet~ His shirt is a pretty color of greeeeeeeeeen *~*

Now if only he had a giant blade at the end of the staff. . . .

(Wowie! First post! :ohhyeahh: )


Is that the Garrott servant uniform I see? Interesting!


Holy crap! You’re right, it is one isn’t it?! -Blind- :omg:


Looks like it to me, but maybe it’s just a design Liliy likes, so it came through subconsciously. <__> -_- She seems mysteriously silent on the matter, so we’ll have to wait for her to explain in her good time I suppose.


Arthur’s sure to get yelled at later by Sedrick, isn’t he? Poor Sedrick. All he wants to do is kill Gawain. Sometimes I wonder if Arthur’s being so nice just to irritate Sedrick.

As for Gawain – hilarious. It totally figures he forgot. How could he forget? I mean, he’s been hating these guys for ten years, hasn’t he? He was shot by Sedrick. You think he’d remember that incident for the rest of his life – especially since he was trying to start a riot.

Ah Liliy, you make my day. Now get some sleep! And no dying!


Well, we know that Gawain is not a villain, then: no explain-everything-in-a-great-long-lecture/tirade reflex.

Interesting way you played with the moods using color contrasts in the top-most and bottom-most panels, Liliy. That took me until the second time through to notice; hurrah for sophistication in color. :D


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