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Don’t Forget His Strength

Azrael came to see how he’s doing.

He forgot Wiglaf had super strength.

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Edit: I…am falling asleep at my desk. If I drew WaM in this state it wouldn’t be pretty. And I’m really happy with the “lifting a building” strip, so I’d rather that stay up than be replaced with “Liliy finished as fast as possible so she could go to bed.” And I think you’d appreciate that, too. Therefore, no strip Friday but I will absolutely see you Sunday. :D


When will we discover, that Wiglaf’s mail shirt is in fact an undocumented artifact, which gives him superpowers and choose not to/unable to manifest? (Or maybe different kind of artifact?)

He always wears it and also has separation anxiety..


Given how he picks it up I deduce that Wiglaf uses Near-field telekinesis, otherwise he would have just ripped the wall off


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