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Don’t Forget These Things

All of your suggestions for Brat were really awesome & I wish I’d thought of those earlier (like Brat being a cult member…).

But this was the original plan, so I’m sticking to it. I hope it’s enjoyable!


I see, so Wiglaf’s strength may be in some way based upon how he sees himself, or even what he allows himself to do. But is it reality-altering, mental limitations, or holding himself back?


I was actually wondering about that. “When did Wiglaf stop being essentially invincible?”
Apparently, he just forgot…


I like to think that he just willingly held himself back to make everyone feel better…

And then forgot he was doing it.


Ya’know, I kinda figured being perfect at everything would mean having a perfect fight record, and that would make Boss winning impossible.

Ha! =D


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