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Don’t Even Get Him Started On The Betrayal Thing

That’s right. He’s back.

Oh yeah.

Also. Raffle still in full swing! Enter — but don’t put your ticket in the Wonder Woman snuggie lot. I want that one. :D

Or do enter that lot and win so you can shove it in my face that you got it.

Either way as long as the goal is met. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Pictures In My Head” by Kermit (The Muppets 2011)


Mordred, Wiglaf kind of needs the help of Bliss right now. That, or the swords need to come back (I recently discovered that I really like Ben).


Oh Camlann, how I missed you so! Your return fills me with glee. You are so wonderful, Camlann.

*fangirl fangirl fangirl*


Not gonna lie, what I’m on the edge of my seat for is the involvement of Wiglaf’s parents.

I mean, it’s their town, too.


I totally lost it at “Voice from the sky” because for some reason I just pictured Mordred saying that in an awed voice with like, desu eyes.
What is wrong with my head I don’t even


How could Wiglaf and Sedrick get so far from the house? I’m assumming that’s Sedrick with Wiglaf because of the tag, and Arthur is still on the dragon (which means Mordred is hiding from his brother, possibly curled up with a book).


Their fight in the previous two strips took them a bit away. XD

They were that far on the last page too…my perspective skills just need work. XD


I love that huge boom when Camlann makes his grand entrance. XD And the drawing of the green light effect given off when he lands on earth is great.


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