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Don’t Leave Unattended

:D Enjoy.

This was a fun one to color. Been a while since I was proud of a WaM strip. <3

Song Listening Recommendation:

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” Opening Theme. :D


Whoa O.o Also I gotta say, it’s frightening opening up the stream and being greeted with Bliss’ face with only the red eyes coloured in. That was freaky.


EEK! No Go Boom! Quick bring her a shiny and chocolates!

And yes I’m a female…And yes I have used that line on one of my female friends in a similarly “dangerous” situation.


I know the last time we saw him he was tied up with his mouth sewn shut, but for some reason this page makes me feel like Camlann is about to return for some poetic justice.

And by “return for some poetic justice” I mean “be coerced into helping by an unidentified magic of Vilhelm’s/the cult’s.”


really really interested to see where this goes but my newfound respect for Bliss is going to plummet if shes taken down by the puppy


Ooo, this should be interesting. Also interesting is that Mordred has the weakest bond w/his object spirit, ans strong bonds with humans like Driver and Wiglaf. Hmmm


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