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Don’t Look Outside

I think I finally know where this story is going. XD Hurrah!

Edit: I’ve got family visiting, and I’m thinking there might not be a strip on Sunday. Actually, pretty sure that’s the case. >.>; 

Edit 2: Wednesday’s Strip is sketched out, and should be up late. I’d post the sketch early, but for once I don’t want to ruin the surprise. XD


Lilly Lilly Lilly [waits for the poof "it's show time" and maniacal laughter]

We love you. Really we do. Like addicts we come back for more despite the abuse and neglect. [snerk]

okay, okay, enough with the funnies. In all seriousness now…… are we serious yet? …. no? .. well too bad. So where were we? Out in the woods somewhere. Got it…. So where are we going? …. Getting lost in the woods?

[The preceding Python spoof was brought to you by; Jack D, Jim B, Jon W, The Captain, and Prince Igor ]


HEY NOW! No one says the “L” word! Especially not three times.

But now that I’m here, what’cha need, darling? *slicks hair back and snaps finger at the sand worm nipping at her ankles*


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