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Don’t Work With Them Either

He really is an Accountant. XD

Ha ha ha. And now you know the name of the guy he was talking to on the phone. Oh, yeah.

I should just rename the comic “Vilhelm.”

A few of you would be happier that way. XD

We’ll probably see what Wigs and them are up to after this one. Unless you want more Vilhelm. In which I can do that, too. I write as I draw these things you know. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“This Day Aria” from the My Little Pony Season 2 Finale: The Royal Wedding! :D


Wow, Security knows EVERYONE.


Security is all-knowing and everlasting. Security is a force of the universe. (WhooOOOooOooOooooo… ooh.)


And Security got taken out by Sedrick :P


So, Vilhelm’s organization is responsible for some toys which I have the feeling might be grace, bliss, etc. Wonder who he wants to turn into what?


Hmmm, they would need someone who is unstable, scary when angry, possibly hates one group of people, has issues and Vilhelm has met. Now who does that sound like?


I don’t he’s suicidal/insane enough to go after Mordred xD


He better not touch Mordred; Wiglaf is too attached…and Arthur still has an ice dragon….and Bliss will freak out….so yeah, Villheim’s probably not suicidal enough to touch the youngest Garrott boy. Oh Arthur Senior might get involved too and we DON’T want to make him do anything; it always comes with a horrible price.


It may not be Mordred, it may be Gwen. She does have all of those “Toys” around her, and wants to collect more, so maybe they could use her. But Velhelm does have a vendetta agents Mordred so who knows.


Sedrick?… That’s a scary thought…


I’d much rather turn Sedrick into a sorcerous weapon of mass destruction than Mordred. Mostly because I can’t bear the thought of anything happening to Wiglaf’s lov…errrr… friend… *coughcough* and I’m fond of Mordred.

Also, I can’t help but feel that Mordred’s apathy would make him a terrible superweapon.


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