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Down Time

It’s about time I gave the guys some fanservice. Don’t you think? :cool:

Ah, what super villain lackeys do in their time off.

Reader participation time!! ‘Cause again, we haven’t had one in a while:

How did Sváfa convince Azrael to watch wrestling with her? :P

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Against All Odds” by Kira


Perhaps he got wrestled onto the couch, and would get wrestled again if he tried to leave? Svafa looks like she might start demonstrating her suggestions on anyone who gets in front of her. XD

Or perhaps Grace enjoys the show, and Azrael is just there to keep him company. :D

(Whenever someone mentions fanservice, it makes me think of that “Oh Yeah” song by Yello. Now it’s stuck in my head. Darn you.)


The song that comes to my head, though I forget the title is the line “You knew there would be blood.”
Always possible in wrestling, right, with faces getting slammed to the ground, or maybe a stray elbow. :P

1st time commenter, but i LOVE your comic, Liliy, please keep up the great work!!


Yay fanservice! XD

Wait, Azrael is in this one? It must have been a mistake; you accidentally started drawing him and by the time you realized you’d spent too much time to just remove him.


maybe she took grace away and only promised to give him back if azreal watched wrestling with her XD


How did Svafa convince Azrael to watch with her? That’s easy: she didn’t. Azrael is hoping against hope that, now that Wiglaf has been forced into one public appearance, the hero will now have to appear in other televised venues because Mordred has discovered it is a perfect way to cause key people torment. And if Wiglaf should win, Azrael feels better because the shame of losing to Hero-perfect has now been spread to another person. But! If Wiglaf should NOT be able to escape a hammerlock, and LOSE, Azrael gets to cheer the winner and know where to go to train for his next confrontation with Wiglaf. It’s just Svafa’s turn to be alone with Azrael right now, and he happened to turn to a program she likes.

Azrael wears hooded sweatshirts when he’s not in uniform? Wow. I’d never pegged him for that. I thought he’d be in for long-sleeved t-shirts.


Svafa must have challenged Azrael to a wrestling match, saying that if he won, she would polish Grace for him, and if she won, he would have to watch wrestling on TV with her. She triumphed by a wide margin. ^_^

Hee hee! Is Svafa excitable or what?! :happy:


Grace obviously convinced him. He probably threatend to tell all of Azraels secrets to Svafa. Not that she would understand Grace, but Azrael doesn’t need to know that :D


*tilts head and looks at from a side perspective* …it’s like someone took a photo of my living room… I think I’m disturbed.

I showed my best friend this comic and she was gladdened by the fact that she is not the only one who has to keep her overzealous friend (me) from destroying furniture while watching violent masculine soap opera (wrestling).

I loved this comic. because wrestling is important. and not only truckers with beer bellies watch wrestling. and stuff. ^_^ Azrael and grace were perfect.


Sváfa agrees; wrestling is love. :D

“Violent masculine soap opera” – That is quite possibly the best description for wrestling, ever. XD


I think Grace and Azrael were fighting over what to watch, when Svafa decided that nobody was the winner, and took over the TV XD :lol: Seems probable to me.


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