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Dragons Are Easy

No excuse today for late color. I was tired and obsessed with reading Star Trek Fanfiction. Curse you Spock and Kirk. Curse you. *glares*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“About You Now” by Miranda Cosgrove


Ha ha. XD I suppose getting nearly-killed all those times counts as a reason. Remember the original reason probably isn’t all that important at this point. XD

So… will we be getting a side story/subplot/whatever that explains his original reason? XD


Speculation as to the original reason:

Classmates during childhood. Show and Tell. Gawain brings his pet bunny. Arthur brings young dragon pet, which proceeds to eat said rabbit. (Arthur fails to even notice.) Fistfight that never ends ensues.


How about? Applied for a job was turned down and got angry. Is wearing uniform knock-off subconsciously.

Disclaimer, I have no “insider” knowledge on this issue.


i looovvveee the back ground! gawain just keeps proving how unverysmart(because that’s a word…………now) he is. llloooooooovvvveeeee spok!!!!!!


BWAHAHAHA!! Arthur’s closing line is THE BEST! Oh, man, I love Arthur, he’s too funny. XD


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