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Dragons Are Not For Sale

Thank you for all the well wishes for my birthday! I had a great day! :D

Enjoy some Arthur thinking about his life.

Edit: I remembered Sunday is Easter. Lol. I would have drawn a pin-up, but we just had one recently and I have a headache. Therefore: Took the holiday off and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. :3

Edit: Sorry guys, but I just do not feel good right now. My stomach’s been upset and I was a little carsick shopping earlier. Decided to go to bed and see if I can’t sleep it off before a busy day tomorrow. Take care and I will 100% see you on Friday.


Raising dragons is a pretty demanding job. Honestly, if Sedrick hadn’t just killed all his dragons, Arthur could probably live a decent life as a Dragon Keeper, so long as he permitted tourists to view the dragons from a safe distance.

Actually, I wonder if dragon keeping skills translate into zoo keeping skills. I’d bet that Arthur would be an incredible zookeeper, particularly if the zoo wanted to try keeping some dragons.


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