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Dress For Success

Mordred has a thing for plants. He can’t help it.

And as a special treat. Here’s the original version of today’s strip. My brother pre-read it for me and came up with the ‘clink’ joke. I couldn’t help myself and had to rewrite it. :P I think we’ll all agree the one that’s posted is funnier. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn


The ‘clink’ was TOO perfect. Besides, I bet Mordred has his scarf hidden somewhere too. Unfortunately his security blanket does not make noise. >.>

Oh well. I think it’s too perfect “Please don’t tell.”


That *clink* is too funny. Wiglaf will have to move pretty carefully around the theater if he wants to keep his chainmaille a secret.

Yes, Mordred has a thing for plants. It must be an aesthetic taste for him. ^_^ I like the last panel where he folds his arms and looks cross.


If Wiglaf’s wearing his chainmail, You KNOW Azrael WON’T be putting Grace down. Azrael would probably sooner wish death on himself then to put his beloved sword down. :lol2:


XD Wonderful.

Y’know, with all this talk about security blankets, you should start some sort of store selling blankets/throws with an image of Security on them.


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