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Driver Gets Stuff Done

I missed Arthur. I’ve had enough Wiglaf and Mordred. I need to bring in my over saturated cast again. XD

Thank you again for reading!

Edit: Arthur will arrive on Sunday. I’m too busy enjoying the relaxing thunderstorm outside to move (work was also crazy. lol. I’m still wiped. Next week’s gonna’ be rough. XD) Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

Edit (7/31): I’m sorry guys. I’ve been out of it all day, starting with oversleeping and missing church (slept through two alarms!) and I’ve been out of it all day. My brain is mush. I won’t do Arthur justice. I’ll see you on Wednesday. *plans to go to bed soon*


Well, at least it’s better than increasing the cast size again. Let’s see how they all play! Arthur would bring Sedrick and, maybe, Hnæf, so more fun.


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