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Driver Is Cooking Omelettes

Oh look. One of Mordred’s neighbors. Or well, the guy who lives directly below him. Heh. Poor guy. XD

*pats him* I imagine it must be fun living near his flat in good old Springland Apartments.

Less than a week to get your Pair-a-Thon entries in folks! Let’s see that happen! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith


Wait… Doesnt Driver live just below Mordred? I’m pretty sure you mentioned it when Wiglaf first starts living there…


Oh look, a new character! Who is having a spine of normalcy! I like Julian. Let’s keep him around. He can be the voice of sanity.


Why are Wiglaf’s expressions so darned funny, all of the sudden?

Anyone willing to bet Wiglaf has met Julian before, in the course of moving in and doing chores?


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