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Driver Is Feeling Cute

Driver prefers mens’ fashion, but she likes to dress up now and again. :3

Driver can wear what she wants!

Edit: So, Friday was a really┬ábad day (I guess is, since I’m typing this Friday afternoon)…and I’m decompressing. Which means no comic. I’m sorry. I’ve mentioned on and off my work situation isn’t…ideal and today was one of the worst. I really…really need a new job. >-<

Edit # 2 – 11/15/20: These tiny little updates don’t really put it into perspective – but when I say Friday was bad, I mean it was bad–granted, it was mostly emotional-hurt, but also some things happened that are going to really change things in my life (let’s just say ‘need a new job’ is now ‘job hunting’ because my job security is absolutely zero right now). On the bright side, I spent the entire weekend hanging out with my parents and remembering that there are things outside of my tiny little bubble. We went to estate sales and I found some neat, cheap things (including some Japanese fiction paperbacks!). I had a really good time and I’m feeling a lot better about the upcoming week. However, it also means I have to go to bed early and WaM sadly is on the lower end of the priority list. Wish me luck. *crosses fingers*

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