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Driver is Right Often

Driver has the most common sense out of most of the group.

And it is Holiday season. I wish everyone luck with shopping, odd work hours, and whatever else pops up over the next month. December’s gonna’ be a busy one this year. >.>

Edit: Sorry no WaM tonight! Something came up that’s a little nerve wracking/anxiety prone and I worked myself up. Lol. I needed a chill night afterwards. Wish me luck! I can’t say what it is yet, but I’m really crossing my fingers for it. T-T I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Edit 2 (12/3): *tiny whisper* Sorry guys. I was in a good mood today and ready to draw and uh…I zoned out. I think this week caught up to me. It’s almost 11 now and I haven’t started drawing. It’s way too late. XD; I’ll do my best to draw something fun on Sunday to make up for it. I’ll see you then!

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