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Driver Rules

Yes. He’s there.

And I’m passing out. I really need to start WAM before midnight. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Time is Running Out” by Muse


Ha ha. Driver knows how to get attention their attention. I know how Mordred feels, though; just today I was stuck in a similar position. XD


Ah, Security. He sure knows how to upset things. xD

Wiglaf looks amazingly pleased as the other two seethe. Always a wonderful contrast.

By the way, I just now noticed that Driver is growing her hair out. (Hurray for my unparalleled perceptiveness.) It looks very nice on her. She’s all around awesome there in the bottom panels.


haha! next to horatio and wiglaf you can tell how pail mordred is! i love how wiglaf is all happy in the first pannel and my wiglaf/mordred loving side is in love with the third panel!


Aw, look how happy WIglaf looks in the first panel!
Security, you can do no wrong. He totally planned that out. I know it.


Oh yes, Driver DOES rule. :cool: Hear, hear.

Security pulled off quite a miracle: He actually managed to oust Mordred from his shotgun seat up front. XD You just know Driver would never allow Horatio to try something like that. XD

As others have mentioned, Wiglaf’s smile is a nice contrast with all the rancor.


I have decided that Security just has to be called Merlin. There is no other explanation within the continuum. If he is, however, OUTSIDE the continuum, that is another matter entirely…


I love your comic. I started reading it 2 weeks ago and it brightens my day every time you update. Also I love the crazy backgrounds. :happy:


Wiglaf, I see what you’re doing there. You’re leaning on Mordred. Horatio’s probably doing it just to try to force Mordred away from him, but Wiglaf is happily leaning against Mordred. XD


D’aw, Wiglaf certainly looks cheerful in the first panel there. Bet he’s beyond happy that he’s sitting about as close he can get to Mordred. x3


I started very recently (Try finding my first comment) AND I CAUGHT UP!!
But now I must wait for updates! OH NUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

And I LOVE driver


Rescuing is spelled wrong in panel four.

I’ve been following the comic for a few years, and it has become one of my favorites. Thanks for all of your hard work!


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