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Driver Wants To Drop In

This arc may be about Wiglaf and Mordred bonding, but Driver has been there since the beginning and she will not be ignored!

She told me so herself and demanded to get into the tour arc.

So uh, I’m letting her have what she wants.

(Pray for me at work. Oh lord I really need a new job but the current job market and ahhhhh.)

Edit 11/20: I made it through the week! If I can make it through the first half of next week, I’ll have some vacation time to dedicate to job hunting. With that in mind, I’m taking it easy this weekend. :D I’m hanging out with bro tonight (Friday) and then we’ll see what’s up on Sunday since I’m in a tiny concert (I’m performing in a quartet to help out a new violinist learn to play in a group and it’s her recital :D). If you see an update on Sunday – I made it! If not, I’ll see you next Wednesday. I figured it’d just easier to give you the heads up early.

As always – thank you so much for reading WaM and bearing with me through all this. I know things are rough everywhere for everyone (and a lot who have it so much worse than I do), so let’s all hang in there together!


I can’t do much, but I can pray.
(Also, if you want some encouragements during hard times, the sermon we had at church a couple of weeks ago (although I suppose I wasn’t actually at church because being at church is currently illegal (hurray for pandamics)) was one of the best sermons I’ve heard in a while (and I listen to a lot of sermons). Give it a gander.)
That was a lot of parentheses.


Thank you so much! And thank you for the link. I’m not sure when I’ll give it a watch, but it’s definitely in a tab for later!


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