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Driver Will Have Her Revenge

The Valkyries are there, too. XD I probably should have drawn a scene with everyone present first.

Ah well. :D

Whoo hoo.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Rasputin” by Boney M.


I’ve gotta say, love the drawing style and stories in this comic. As far as this specific one goes, I think Bliss actually noticed how much attention Mordred gave the puppy.


Bliss is trying to be nice. By not saying his dog isn’t cute. “That rat is the cutest! But your dog’s not a rat, so see, I didn’t just say the rat is cuter than your dog!” She’s being nice, in her own bubble-headed way.

Mordred seems to have grown accustomed to Bliss by now. He casually converses with her while everyone else is just off panel. Granted, it’s actually less crazy since he used to do that BEFORE he had Bliss. He’s levelling out here, somewhat, isn’t he?


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