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When all else fails and you can’t think of either a joke or a punch line – go with slapstick. It’s always gold.

…and pelting know-it-all twelve year old brats with rocks  is almost always fun.

I’ve updated Hnæf’s profile to include his computer Mímir, including a link to where you can find out more information about his name. ^_^

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sæglópur” by Sigur Ros (I’ve listened to this song on loop for like two days straight now. *_*)


Ha ha. This might be funnier if I hadn’t been hit with a snowball int he back of the head by some random person before; it was painful. _ I imagine the rock hurts a bit more. XD

And I need that computer… in female Persocom form, preferably. :D


So is Arthur senior taking a walk to throw rocks at signs or just a passing stranger? I don’t see the regulars wanting to antagonize Hnaef, who knows all, or referring to him as kid.


Bloody locals…
Mimir’s design would make some sweet earrings, only in silver and black, or black with a red/silver center. Maybe green or blue center with antiqued silver or bronze around it…?

Sorry, one ‘o me friends likes jewelry.


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