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Due For A Visit

Comic! Done! Here ya’ go.


Security is a smart man, get as far away as possible before things get bad.
Besides, Hnaef probably misses him. Maybe.


Just wondering… Where is Security living ? At Hoenf’s place ? It wouldn’t really surprise me… But then he would have a crazy angry older brother on his back… I hope we’ll be able to see that one day !
Anyway, great comic and great job ! =)


I’ve been following this comic for years now, but I just got completely caught up, and wow! It’s seriously amazing, keep up the awesome work! And happy belated 10th birthday to WaM. This may be wishful thinking, but maybe in celebration you could do something like update the cast page or something like that? It’s quite outdated at this point… In any case, loving the comic! Wish you luck in all your future endeavours. :)


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