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Easiest Way To Get Water

Camlann loves showing off.

I can’t blame him really. With this crowd you really have to bend over backwards to get any attention. >.>; I am really happy with this page, by the way. I love writing Camlann showing off as much as he loves to do it!

And on a side note:

Thanks for reading!

I just wanted to put get that out there. I’ve always appreciated you all, but it’s been a while since I’ve said it out loud! Especially since WaM’s readership has dropped pretty significantly over the past few years, I feel it’s more important than ever to let those of you who are sticking around know how much I love that you’re here.

So to say it again: Whether WaM has hundreds of readers or a handful, I’m very grateful that you’re still here and still reading. I know WaM’s been a tiny bit slow lately due to some personal issues I’ve been going through (it’s harder than you’d think to write on the fly when you’re tired, heh), but I just know it’s going to pick up and get back on track to where I want it very soon. So thanks for sticking around, thanks for supporting me, and again: Thank you for reading!


I tend to be pretty loyal when it comes to webcomics. I think I’ve dropped maybe two since I started reading them. (Because the writer/artists turned them into political screeds. I don’t mind comics with a political point of view, but I do mind it when they start advocating hate and/or violent behavior.) Anyway, I’ll read this one until either you stop drawing it or I can no longer get internet service.


No, thank you for writing! I’ve been reading this comic for a looong time, and have run back through the archives only gods know how many times, I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite comics. So thank you!


Thank you for creating and sharing the comic :-)
I only found it three weeks ago, but I’ve already read through the archives twice. So many great pages!
Your comic is now definitely on my list of webcomics where I’m eagerly waiting for the next page.


Congrats on writing a comic that makes me laugh no matter how many times I read it. :D I also find myself checking your site every day, even if I know their won’t be new updates, just so I can read me some more WAM :D


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