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Easy Mistake

Ha ha; WAM fans should just start checking at 1AM instead of 12AM. XD

I love the punchline into today’s strip. I’m sorry but I do. XD

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“Wake Up” by Arcade Fire


Ya’know, if you arent looking fer the chest. Well, I suppose it’s a simple mistake. Yes. THIS WILL BE CHAAAAOOOOOSSSS!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

That’s just plain amazing.
Best. Punch-line. Ever. Now give me my punch!


*stares at her fist* ….Naah, let’s aire on the side of caution here. *hands you a cup of fruit punch* Enjoy your punch.


Thank you. Now, would you like to apply for a job as my minion? The slots are filling up fast, and with your punch making skills, WE CAN RUUUULLLEE THE WORLD!!!!!


I believe the fact that both swords are sentient makes the third panel qualify as “some hot sword-on-sword action.”

Camlann+Grace=future couple?


:P That’s the problem with identical twins…even if one IS the opposite gender, people are going to get them mixed up. Maybe one of them should do SOMETHING different, like a different hair style or something. Cause Janus having boobs and Arthur not having them doesn’t seem to be enough for Horatio.


Liliy, that punchline is one of your funniest ever. :D You really set of the comic situation well and used great comedic timing. I love Horatio’s challenge and Arthur jumping back in shock. Sedrick must be frustrated because his plan just hit a bump in the road. XD

Maybe Arthur should try a different hairstyle or something, anything to distinguish himself from Janus. XD

Also, hurrah for another Wiglaf/Azrael swordfight!


In all my random comic browsings, I find myself always enjoying stumbling back upon t his one the most. It’s so well done, although I fear some character references are lost upon me. Oh well!

Either way marvelous comic, so much fun! :love:


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