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Ello’ There


That was…fast. The lack of transition made me laugh. And, just as I was wrapping my head around Mordred being happy, his brother shows up and ruins it. Yay! Let the fun begin!


Y’know, I missed those sites, too. Then I went back and didn’t get to see any of them. Poor Mordred.

Hurrah, Arthur! But Wiglaf…. yeah, Wiglaf’s definitely stunned. But I’m glad he found such a handy way to shut Camlann up for this meeting.


For some reason this never occurred to me till now but, if Mordred was born, and likely grew up in England, does that mean he speaks with an English accent as well?


I’d imagine he still has a bit of one, but he’s been Stateside since he was in high school, so I’m sure the accent’s faltered. I have friends like that – their accents adjusted to the local, they went home (in this case far south) for a stay/vacation and came back with a thick southern drawl….that soon went away again after a week. XD Speech is fun that way.


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