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Empty Tour

Oh man. I wrote down like a plan for the next five strips. I know where the story is going and I’m excited. :D

But on a more serious note, I hope everyone is staying safe in all the panic and chaos of COVID-19 and the quarantines. Take care!

Edit: Surprisingly, knowing exactly what I want to do with this arc is why I’m skipping for a change. Work has been a drag (and tomorrow’s gonna’  suck…we’re stuffing letters and I hate stuffing letters o-o) and my back is sore. I’m so cranky I don’t want that to get into the strip. On the other hand, I love seeing you guys try to predict what’s gonna happen and a part of those guesses is pretty close. :D I will see you all on Friday (where hopefully I can pry myself away from Animal Crossing long enough to draw LOL).


Did Lance seriously join up with an actual supervillain?
Though, with Mordred’s rings being the first thing in this strip I’m thinking there’s a good chance this is a trap set up by Boss’s organization.
Or it’s gonna be one of those plots where the factory turns people into candy.
But with Lance having made the comment on GM having expensive taste, he may be feeding people to her.
So yeah, some good possibilities. Major props on making the comic so unpredictable.


Betting either the tour was cancelled due to budget cuts or the whole thing is a setup by Lance for volunteer plant fertilizer (or other experimental victim stuff).


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