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Enemy of Magic Items

Camlann does not like Bliss.

He is now added to the list of many, many, magical items and artifacts who hate her for similar reasons. XD

The first panel is my favorite. I think it’s Wiglaf’s face. XD

Also – Happy New Year!!!!!

And if you hadn’t found my extras page – Here’s a new Squiby:

Ain’t it cute? I think so. In Honor – Hissy and The Bystanders got cast pages. XD

Um. Pair-A-Thon starts this Saturday. Be there. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Telephone” by Lady Gaga & BeyoncĂ©


Wouldn’t Bliss cancel out herself? I just realized that she is probably a magic item, in which case how does she cancel everyone ELSE’S magic, but not hers? (Then again, you might have answered that and I don’t remember.)
And what is Driver talking about?
Killer corn is AWESOME.


Her magic ability cancels out all other magical objects within a 20f radius around her. She’s probably not affected because she’s the one with the ability.


Infinite loop time!

>Bliss nullifies everything within 20 ft!
>Bliss is nullified!
>Bliss’s nullification is cancelled!
>Bliss is no longer nullified!
>Bliss nullifies everything within 20 ft!


You forget we’ve got a divide by anime plot conventions logical interrupt on the recursion. Characters and powers are psychologically self-defeating but not tangibly so unless that’s what the creators want.


Happy New Year Liliy, and anybody else who may have felt deprived of my sarcasm over the past little while.


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