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Enough is Enough

Ug. So tired. Family visiting. Been busy. *passes out*

Okay! Real comments! :D I can’t wait for Wednesday’s strip. I plan very, very few things in WaM ahead of time, and Wednesday’s strip is one of them. I can’t wait. *squee*

In other news, I am a total coward. XD I was at an anime convention all weekend and had a stack of business cards for WaM. Two whole days and I didn’t gather the courage to pass out a single one. I am a loser. *sighs* At least I talked to more people this time than I usually do…even if I didn’t manage to get out the “hey! I do a comic!” line.

But I digress.

At least my new Revoltech Rodimus loves me. *hugs the figure*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Show Me The Way To Go Home”


Ha ha… Ricky is so big. XD And it looks like Camlann went for a bit of a spin there. I imagine he’ll have more to say once he recovers. XD


poor, dizzy Camlaan. He gets no respect.

and, by the way, I love Jaws! It’s the bestest movie involving man-eating sharks EVER. :lol:


Hum.. a potential twist! I would think this has the potential to be Horatio, Geoffry, or Mr G. Based on the style of the shoes, really. If its Horatio, I’m expect he’ll be able to pick Camlann up. He has that sort of heroy vibe to him.

As a side note, I hope you still wanted the reader surveys filled out, as the link is still on the main page =)


Yesh~ I love seeing the survey filled out. XD My only regret is it’s anonymous. Some of the answers I’d really love to see who wrote them.


You could always put an optional field in there regarding forum/poster tag. That way people who don’t mind/would like to sign them can do so, and those who don’t won’t have to =)

I would have signed mine =)


RODIMUS!!! 8DDDDD My favourite Transformer, yay <3

Also, colour actually made quite a lot of difference for me today. I didn't quite get who was who in the strip until I saw it coloured ^^;
And I can't wait til Wednesday! =D


If my crackpot theories are correct, the mystery leg belongs to to none other than The Spiritual Manifestation of Grace (Formal Title) who will soon engage Camlann in witty banter and possible epic ghost sword fighting! :D
Please? :worry:


I’m… I’m sad to say it, but I’m a little confused on the events taking place in the second and third panels. Sorry if I sound oblivious or it’s really obvious, but for some reason I just can’t seem to work out what’s going on.

By the way, I would have taken ten of your business cards. I’m sure they’re awesome. :D


No, you’re not alone. Today’s comic is confusing (regretfully). But basically Wiglaf dodged Ricky’s hit to smack into a wall in which he dropped Camlann, who skidded across the floor to hit a pair of feet. :)


XD Definitely the tyrannial Garrott Sr. How did I know this as soon as I saw the last panel? Dude, he’s the only one with white long pants and shoes. XDXDXD :lol:


Awe, no worries on the cards. Everyone gets nervous on conventions. Next time make a hand painted Wiglaf shirt! And wear it! With a big point on the bottom that says “I write this comic!!!!”

^_^ But in all seriousness, I adore this comic, and this page, and Grace. And how… how did the beloved gift of gab stabbity stab stab sword only say one word?!?! Maybe he should be kept dizzy more often…


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