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Even Marked It With an ‘X’

Hey guys!

I’m at Nekocon all weekend, so it’ll probably mess with WaM’s schedule. Stay tuned on twitter for more info and changes to the Ustream. :3

No table again this year, but I am cosplaying for the first time at this convention! I’ll be running around as Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I Friday and Saturday. I’ll be bright yellow and black so I shouldn’t be hard to miss. If you catch me I might have a WaM business card to give you! :D *shameless*

So, see you there!

P.S. BUY AND READ HAWK and DOVE. DO IT NOW. It needs to get more popular so the rest of the original series gets uploaded to Comixology. T_T

Portal 2 Soundtrack

It’s Free. Download it. Love it.


Comment so I can refresh the cache on the main page and make links work right since no one commented at midnight on the dot. XD


Mordred figures he doesn’t even have to worry about his own safety when he has a lackey to take care of Sedrick for him. XD Now he’s just going to relax and let events play out by themselves. XD


I am not all that sure unless Brat has been restrained in some way he will get distracted in some way by her.


Wiglaf will probably return to fight Sedrick while Arthur recovers Mordred and they all meet up resulting in hilarity.


XD I nearly died at that last panel. Seriously Arthur, curying it in a random location with an X on it? You’re both extremely stupid and a far-seeing genius XD


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