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Even Remembered Her Birthday

Decided to give Driver her spotlight for a bit. I think she’s been missing it. XD

One more page of flashback and then back to the boys!

Driver’s semi-upset that the next page will more or less be a brief recap of well, WaM. Hurrah!

Also! Got some entries for the Pair-a-Thon stacking up. Going to upload a bunch this weekend all at once.


EDIT: Friday’s WaM is going to be super late. Bible study is showing up again on Thursday, and starting WaM after is…not good for my sleep schedule (that I’m already failing at). So, expect to see it Saturday morning! :D

Edit 2: Fixed the ‘remember’ typos…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Open Your Heart” by Madonna


oh yeah, i remember June from one of the pair-a-thons–either last year or the year before. I remember Liliy said she wasn’t a fan character, so i was wondering when she was going to show up.


Nice to see Driver back in the spotlight. Her affection for Mordred is cute, even though it’s a little out of place to be seeking romance with someone you’re supposedly working for. XD

The third panel is definitely cute with Driver suddenly smitten. They both seemed pretty bored apart, so they probably deserve each other. XD


AWWWWWWW!!!! *does the Aw” sound so loudly, destroys fangirl barriers*

Ahem, sorry. Anyway, that was so cute OwO Especially with Driver and little Mordred and even Mordred with his girlfriend (though Wiglaf’s his true love…) and even more cute was sad heartbroken Mordred…

*looks away then hugs Mordred* Too cute….


Not related to this page, but I just started reading Beowulf for English and it’s pretty weird seeing the name Wiglaf outside of this site. :P


Nooooooooo but I don’t want to cry over Driver’s lost love anymore. Stop it. stop it tears. stop falling down my face.
in other news I really like the style of these panels! Very flashback-y :)


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