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Even Zombies Need Dental

Color in like an hour.  La la la.

Ha ha. It seems Gawain being a zombie alone increased his likeability. Awesome. *pets him* In other news, this little segment is wrapping up. Expect to see Wiglaf and Mordred back on Friday.

Let’s see if I remember how to draw them…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Evacuate” by The Boxer Rebellion (Awesome Song. I love it.)


Wait a minute… why does a zombie need dental? XD


Maybe in the state of not dying all the time has brought rotten teeth as well?
and maybe even among other things! ;]


Absolutely. Teeth just don’t grow back, y’know? Skulls? Yeah. Digits? Yeah. Limbs? Of course. But never smiles. *Sighs.* One of those down home zombie blues.


Oh yeah, zombies singin’ the blues ’cause they can’t keep their smiles on straight. Good smiles don’t come easily, dontcha know? The zombies should do a blues song about that, for sure. :cool:


I Can’t wait to see gawains cast page. also I think that Azrael is going to love having a punching bag that can’t be killed. :3


The swamp witch wanted a strong, “beefy” man, and since the witch couldn’t find one alive, the witch went and try to find a dead one and revive him. when she found the perfect body (gawain) the tried to remove his brain using a spork, that way the zombie will always love the swamp witch. The witch used the golden egg to fully revive him, but there was a big problem, that the spirit wanted closure.

There was a big fight, the witch used a puffer fish to subdue the zombie, and worked for the time being. She got her thrills, while the zombie just obeys her. The other thing the witch didn’t count on is the fact the the golden egg was reforming his brain, making him talk and remember of his past.

The witch found out about this, but it was too late. Gawain got him memory back, and fought the swamp witch and got his life back. after the fight, Gawain started to remember what he did when was in control to the swamp witch.

(swamp witch was very ugly, and desperate)

hopefully I am right about his story


…I love you now.

And am also really, really disturbed XD


Thank you.

Actually, I thought it up when I first read the comic page.

this was my thoughts:

-need to be disturbed
-no hardcore stuff (I don’t Liliy isn’t the type of person to talk about excessive killings, or extreme fetishes that seem too insane for people)

1. swamp witch:
A) beatutiful
B) ok, for a swamp witch
C) ugly beyond all reason

I chose C.

2. reason to want a zombie:
A) only way to get a man
B) needed someone reliable to protect her
C) needed a love doll
D) all of the above
E) A and C

I chose E, because if the witch is ugly beyond all reason, she would need a love doll.

3. Golden egg:
A) Greed ( worth lots of money)
B) life (used to revive someone)
C) ornament ( it actually contained the spirit of someone)

I chose B, made the most sense to me, because I don’t think the witch has ever met Gawain before his death.

4. spork
A) comedy gag ( something dumb to throw off course)
B) a trident (Gawain has forgotten the word trident, and said spork because it was the closest thing he could say)
C) utensil ( the only thing the witch had)
D)other (same as B but with another word that has little or no similarity to the word)

Hnaef said it was C. very easy.

5. puffer fish
A) his “thing” ( weird :omg: )
B) magic (a weapon used by the swamp witch) {Jackie Chan Adventures}
C) drugs ( puffer fish poisons people)
D) both B and C

I chose D. I bet liliy watch “Jackie Chan Adventures” and somehow learned that the puffer fish poisons people.

the last thing I need to know is how gawain escaped
A) marriage
B) killing her
C) fusing her
D) all of the above

I go with B, but this one I am not sure. I tried to think worse, but not too worse. this is what I was thinking.


*whistle* Quite a theory there. I’m flattered you put so much thought into this. XD

The only one I’ll confirm is the puffer fish used for it’s toxin. :)


actually, not much thought. it was the first thing that came to mind.

I have a gift to make up stories on the spot, and had never gotten a writer’s block.

I try to make a webcomic, but I am too lazy


Hnaef looked up the rite when he confirmed Gawain’s legitimacy. *Snickers.* Omniscience is not all they crack it up to be, m’dear. Any fool could have told him that.

Interesting use of a pink background, Liliy. Deliberate or random?


No one can pass up a chance at great dental benefits! You gotta take advantage of potential financial savings wherever you can. :D By the way, this is probably the first time we’ve ever seen Hnaef wish he didn’t know something. XD


Am I the only one who thinks this is a copout by liliy because she couldn’t think of a good story?


The swamp with dabbled in the dark arts so she decide to try some necromancy so she could have an undead servant. The egg was the item of life and spork mixed it all together. He escaped by poisoning the witch with a puffer fish.


The ratchet and clank series has dental as a running gag, and this page reminds me of that. The best one I heard was “I should have taken that job at annihilation nation, they’ve got a great dental plan”


The same show also mentioned how Ratchet was a horrible lombax for several reasons…..ending with extreme emphasis on inadequate dental hygiene.


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