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Everyone Was Thinking It

Ha ha. Grace is too old to care about things like propriety and watching what he says.

He probably says that to Azrael once a week anyway just to get under his skin. Mwa ha ha ha.

Oh, and Hagen got a cast page.

Today’s delay in WaM was brought to you by Skyfire, Megatron & Starscream of the oh so awesome Transformers. Because I love them.

Is it sad I want to own an F-15 so I can paint it red-white-and-blue? *twitch*

Edit: Blah blah blah, typo fixed. :P

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Truth Faith” by New Order


Ok.. I gots ta be honest with you here. I started out fairly ‘Meh’ about Grace. He’s got a neat quality about him, rather similar to Bob from the Dresden Files, and I do love his ‘voice’, but I’m not hugely into gothic sort of stuff so I was fairly neutral.

That being said…

That line is one of the best in the history of the strip. Absolutely hilarious, particularly when paired with Azreal’s complete deadpan response. Just wonderful ^_^

As a minor side note, the full purple background does kind of hurt the perspective in the last panel. Still, wonderful page today!


Bad Grace! *slaps wrist* Seriously, ghosts these days…
No wonder Azreal doesn’t seem interesting in any of the Valkryies! That fact it’s Grace giving the advice makes the whole concept just… ew.


Honestly, I feel that the genius of this strip isn’t just THAT grace says it but how he does. Azreal’s whole speech was so proper and well spoken.

And all Grace has to say is that he should “hit that”.


Another reason to love Grace. :lol:
On another note, typo in the second panel: “…talking int he hall…” should be “…talking in the hall.”
Terribly sorry about that. :worry:


Hahaha, Jerry, I caught that too. And was gonna say something if no one else had, but since you already did….. :P *laughs*

That being said, awesome job, Liliy! Grace makes me giggle. xD


Hey, just wanted to point something out in your dialouge. Panel 2 says “int he hall.”
BTW update soon! :love: :lol2: :lol: :P :happy: =D :) :$


I hope not to offend, but has anyone considered that it may be possible for Grace to “stretch” quite a long distance from his sword counterpart. Thus Azrael could theoretically leave the sword clear on the opposite side of the mansion, and still be harassed during any amorous attempts. Not that I can imagine Azrael willing letting Grace out of his sight for very long and certainly not letting him get that far away.

I am really enjoying Grace. And yes, I’m a lurker. :$


Ha ha, oh Grace, no wonder Azrael hates you sometimes. :P

It does bring up the question about their ‘relationship’ if Grace either has some interest in women, or at least understands the potential – I’m pretty sure references to them [Azrael x Grace] getting intimate have happened from time-to-time.


I’m a bit mysterfied as to why Azrael loves grace…. Grace is a big fat jerk to him. How can he love the guy? o.@
….. I mean…. do they do it…? I’m kind of creeped out by the thought :T not because of guy on guy. but a guy making out with a ghost…. it’s just… xD


Grace once again succeeds in being on his very worst behavior. XD

Hagen’s cast page looks excellent. And now we know where you came up with her name. Cool. :cool: And hooray for the Transformers! ^_^


he could just put grace in another room while having sex.. he doesn’t have to carry the sword WHILE doing it.


Hehehee. I don’t care what people are saying Grace, I love your dark ways.
I also love his brutal honesty and lack of tact. Another thing that I can relate to! xD

And he should hit that. We all WERE thinking it.


deadpan snarker.

So my fav character. BWAHAHAHA

It’s awesome to finally hear what he’s saying.

Very funny, lovely wonderful comics as per usual~


Remeber how one of those three girls seemed to be in love with the sword for a while? Knowing what I do know I’m suddenly a bit disturbed.


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