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Everything Is Still Recorded

I’m having too much fun with this mini doodle arc. LOL.

Edit: Hey guys. I was going to draw today since I already know I won’t be able to Friday (family is visiting this weekend and things are busy busy getting ready), but I’m beat and barely keeping my eyes open. I’m gonna chill a bit and then go to bed. xd; I still have work the rest of the week and lots to do! I’ll see you on Sunday!

Edit 2 (5/21): We’re just gonna call this a vacation week. I was at a wedding all day yesterday, had family come into town today and I’m back to work tomorrow. I don’t think drawing is in my future tonight because I am beat and I still have D&D tonight (though thankfully it’s a session zero chill one for character building…). *smacks cheeks* I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. I hope. Family being here all week means who knows what’s going to happen. LOL. Thanks for your patience during all of this!

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W-what?!? XD Since when is Security afraid of Lackey? He’s not even afraid to mess with Arthur Sr., the guy every nation is practically terrified of.

On a quick side note, since I mentioned the old man. Is there any chance we might see Wiglaf & Arthur Sr. throw down? We did get to see Wiglaf and Boss fight.


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