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Evil is Evil

I’m having fun with “Arthur is attractive.” I only wish my art skills could truly betray how good he looks right now. Lol. But I did my best and it’s not too bad. ;D

Also, family has arrived for a couple weeks visit! I have no idea how that’ll affect WaM’s update schedule, but I will keep this updated if I need to cancel a strip!

Thank you so much for reading. :D

Edit: No WaM Today!┬áThis week has been crazy busy and surprisingly it has had little to do with family. Stress & a bunch of stuff added up. I’m going to bed early and enjoy sleep. I’ll hopefully see you Friday (unless a family thing pops up–they are still visiting!).


Oh my god I love it ! Just imagine Arthur becoming the greatest vilain because his attractiveness is just too powerful !
And then the world get destroyed because of shirtless Wiglaf trying to stop shirtless Arthur ! But then I doubt Sedrick would like that…


….Tom Ellis, but with long hair. That was the first thought that came to mind. (He plays Lucifer in….uh, Lucifer. There’s a fair amount of scenes where Lucifer foregoes clothing and DAYUM. ) So, there’s my mental image for Arthur.


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