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Evil Smirk

Ha ha. Security seems to be channeling every evil squinty eyed character to ever grace anime. *inserts evil laughter*

Though, personally I think Margaret is the evil one today. Poor Wiglaf. *snicker*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Through Heaven’s Eyes” from Prince of Egypt


Wouldn’t you want to let Wiglaf know first? I mean… not that we know, but what if he can’t play an instrument? Or sing? Won’t that be a problem?

And I am so overthinking this. Yay evil smirk! And yay “wha-?” expression on Wiglaf’s face. XD


Psh; and give him the chance to say ‘no’ ? Don’t be silly. :P


Oh, I know. No fun in letting the poor boy know. XD More fun to risk making a mess of the entire show and then really hate yourself for making your client look bad. XP


Hurrah for Wiglaf’s shock and Security’s smirk! You drew their expressions really well, Liliy. ^_^

I wonder how Wiglaf will do in a duet with Boudica. It’s true that he hasn’t had a chance to rehearse, but I’m guessing that Wiglaf’s probably pretty skilled at improvising. Should be interesting.

With all his grinning and teasing, Security almost seems to be channeling Batman’s Joker. XD


Is Mordred clutching his security scarf for any particular reason?
…Wiglaf’s so trusting. This is gonna be *fun*. :D


Nah, he just holds it to keep his hands busy while he sits down. When he gets up to walk around he’ll usually stick it back in his pocket. :D


:D Wow, Security totally reminded me of Gin Ichimaru from Bleach right there. I love the squinty eyed evil characters. X3

Poor Wiglaf, but they couldn’t really tell him before hand, he might have said now. :P


Yep, it’s Ichimaru. *laughs* And poor Wiglaf…
I’ll admit to reading fanfictions now, but only because this reminded me of a random BLEACH-fanfic where Ichimaru drags Ichigo somewhere.


Actually Security reminds me of Zellos from Slayers more. They have the same attitude as well. Zellos appears in the second season called Slayers Next if anyone wants to look it up.


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