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Excitement is Contagious

I wanted to draw Happy Wiglaf so I DID. I’m the artist. I CAN DO THAT.

Also I’m excited to have my comic done before ten p.m. for once. Feels freaking great. XD

Edit: Know what else feels great? New video games. It’s Fire Emblem: Engage release day and I’ve got my copy! (Thanks to my brother.) :D That is my evening plan~ I’ll see you on Sunday!

Edit 2: I used up all my creativity completely ad-libbing D&D tonight since I didn’t have time to prepare. Been running around all day and now I’m just beat and my ┬ábrain is empty. No thoughts. Lol. I’ll see you on Wednesday.


…how small is “the area”, or does Wiglaff, and especially Mordred, only count restaurants with enough popularity to potentially gain a Michelin Star? Because they could easily expand “the area” out to be the entire city with minor effort, even if Wiglaf wasn’t there.


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