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Fair Market Value In Fact

Heh. Sedrick’s not happy.

Anyway; now you know what he was up to. Likely we’ll be back with Azrael on Friday. XD

Oh! And best of luck to you NaNoWriMo fellas’ out there! This is my first year participating and I’m having a lot of fun. *glee*

And I’m totally watching The Little Mermaid right now. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid


the little mermaid? really? my sociology teacher just ripped into that movie and like seriously shredded it to metaphorical peices! and that was funny! oh and i’m almost half done with the Wiglaf doll! (=^.^=)the boots were fun, i may make more and give you one! Yah! for Security! and poor Gawain and Hagen!


It’s not hard to rip into any Disney movie for horribly regressive and oppressive implications but you have to give them that the animation is usually pretty.


So he’s just given permission for them to return a powerful magical artifact to the people they took it from. I wonder how Camlann will react to bliss?

Yours curiously,

P.S. I also like the little mermaid. I’ve given up trying to compare movies to their original tales and just enjoy them


I’m awaiting either Camlann either being made silent by Bliss or the two getting into a blabber-off. Whichever one it is (or perhaps it’ll be something else) I’m sure Liliy can make it work.


I’m not sure how likely a blabber-off is.

Camlann doesn’t seem to be aware of Az (though, I guess that hasn’t actually been proven either way), so I don’t think he would be aware of Bliss either..

I could be completely wrong, however..


You’re probably right, but I remember one thing: It’s being written by a human being for human beings and Camlann and Bliss complaining at each other would be funny. Even better would be Camlann whining for an entire page and Bliss wondering why he doesn’t just shut up.
I don’t know enough about what’s going on here to confidently predict it yet.


Hagen and Gawain make the cutest pair. Though it does make me wonder what they’re going to do with the sword…

And Sedrick, the poor man needs a vacation. I’m amazed he keeps up with everyone as well as he does. Those two, Arthur, Hnaef, and various other members of the staff or family.

On another note, good luck to you with NaNo! I’m trying again this year but I’m already giving up on what I HAD planned and just writing spur of the moment. Plotting as you write has a certain crazy appeal to it.


Giving Sedrick a vacation may be a bad idea, or at least a violent one. I doubt he’d take it willingly considering how badly he would expect everyone else to mess things up in his absence.


poor Sedrick he seriously needs a vacation, As for Camlann I think she’ll be pissed because she wasn’t let out for a long time and that Bliss is basically taking her spot. Maybe they’ll give Camlann to Mr. G~ :lol2:


Camlann is a he btw, but I do agree, it’ll probably be pissed about having been stuck in there for so long, then again, if he’d stop ranting every time he was unsheathed they wouldn’t be constantly stuffing it back in there. It’s a never ending cycle @_@


Hey, I’m doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year too! And I’m actually having a lot of fun, which I didn’t expect. Best of luck to you!

Also Sedrick is scary. I would NOT want to be around when he’s angry XD


what is NaNoWriMo? i iz confuzzled…again…(=^_^=)


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