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False Alarm

Only 30 minutes late!

I have no idea what my cast are doing. All I know is Azrael wanted a new outfit. Again.

I need to ban him from closets.

Ug…running out of lyrics to post. I’ll try and have a new song rec. next time. XD


Heh heh, everybody wants to make a dramatic entrance today. XD

I like all of these backgrounds with numerous colors.


Wow, rocking the thigh high boots there, Azzy. Actually,I’m mildly disappointed by Wiglaf’s presence. I would have like’d to have seen who Azrael would’ve fought in the Garrott Manor, aside from Wiglaf.
Azrael Vs. Driver’s Dad?
Azrael Vs. Sedrick?
Or maybe…..
Azrael Vs. Garrott Senior?


Wasn’t Azrael one of the lower-tier henchmen in Arthur’s section, and Alistair (Driver’s dad)
was a main house (if retired) henchman, which I assume puts him on equal ground with Wiglaf, who he (Wiglaf) fought for a bit when they went to “save” Geoffry from Janus, and it seemed like Alistair had the upper hand. Sedrick fought Wiglaf too, and would have destroyed Azrael even if he is chained up. Garrott Senior could beat Wiglaf easily. All of these people you listed would and could murder Azrael easily, being equal to or better than Wiglaf.


but Grace matches 98% of a person’s strength, so wouldn’t that make it viable?


Not really, because like I said all the people listed are equal or better than Wiglaf, who could work around the 98% percent rule by just being practically invulnerable. Sedrick turned out to be a just as or more capable fighter as Wiglaf, and the other two are older and more experienced and may have fought Grace with his previous owner if the whole thing about juggling cults and countries was true.


Wait what are they crashing through? Especially Wiglaf, what with being Mordred’s friend and all. Can’t he just walk through the front door like last time?


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