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Fancy Seeing You Here

You can see how far I got on today’s WaM. Between spending all morning with dad and all afternoon with mom (and bro) I’m exhausted. Didn’t help that the time I did have to spend on WaM, well. It didn’t want to go onto the screen. At all.

Something’ll be up later today. Hopefully. It needs to be because I still need to do my True Magic Contest entry. *_*

I had ten comments for an aggravated scribble I posted instead of the comic. I’m not getting much incentive here for finishing the strip on time….but on the other hand it means you guys are awesome. :D

Anyway, here ya’ go. Color & well. A strip. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Girls of Rock n’ Roll” The Chipettes & Alvin and the Chipmunks


makes me wonder… who went argh, and why? were they attacked by the random scribble of death and destruction?

Part from that i love your work :love:


Oh my….well, it was a holiday weekend. ^_^

Oh…maybe they’ll run into some holiday-related figure?

Huuuu….. Makes me wonder.

Hehe, Horatio made it out alive! And looks like hes in mid conversation. Maybe it made him go crazy.


:argh: :worry: I want to write a comment about this but once the full comic is up nobody would know what I’m talking about. So instead I will pat Lilily’s head from across the internet. *pat* :| At 3:00 AM. :( I’m not creepy. :sly:


Such a deep and intriguing plot twist. This is a true example of high art at it’s best. :D


This is a true example of high art at it’s best.

Sadly accurate, if what I’ve seen in Big Important art galleries is anything to go by. If Liliy was famous her family could sell this and make a packet.

I do like the ‘it’s a special trap’ theory though. :P

My guess on the title is that it’s to do with Horatio and Geoffry finally being in the same room. But that is arguably too obvious of a conclusion.


I may have to take a screen shot, but she did not sign it, so it may not be worth much. I can only be blamed for 9:30 to 11:30 AM and her Mom for 2:15 to 9:30 PM, plenty of time left to get a WAM finished.

I will not be too mean to Liliy for her utter failure because she did bring back Maple Fudge :love:


Don’t stress about it too much. You’ve got a newspost up saying whats what, it was a holiday weekend, no one here is gonna complain if you end up missing an update like that =)

This could also be an artistic interpretation of what happens to intruders in Janus’s wing of the house! They look all happy, then everything goes all squiggly and all that can be heard is an ARGH!

Its very meta. ^_^


…I keep forgetting it’s a holiday weekend. XD I had Thursday off and then was back at work on Friday so it feels like a normal weekend to me…I’m losing my mind. Ha ha.


Once again, hilarity in its purest form.
I wonder if, when Horatio recovers, he’ll just grab the boss-man and run for the door or if he’ll blubber a bit first


Huh. Geoffry could concievably just do an ‘Oh hi Horatio, nice to see you.’ while he just kinda stares, followed by an ‘oh well *walks off*’ thing. Wouldn’t be out of character at all, he does seem to take everything in stride =)


…Bugger, you’re entering the TM contest too? >.> There goes my chance to win XD

Oooh, I so wonder where this is going~ :3


Don’t be silly. XD Considering I have to throw my entry together tonight it may or may not be up to par. This month was just too busy. *_*;;


I agree! I was very busy too – with cleaning my room and being sick XP And I had sucha good idea, too… I wanted to do a Gauth videoblog, but I ended up just doing the cosplay XP


This ended up looking a little different than the scribble, I must say. Who wants to bet Geoffry doesn’t remember Horatio at all? :lol2: … Actually that’s not funny, that would be sad! I adore Horatio’s little pout in the third panel, by the way.


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