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I have too many people in that freaking hotel lobby. XD Trying to remember who’s been forgotten and who hasn’t is nuts. Ah well.

As far as today’s strip being ten minutes late – I blame Red vs Blue fanfiction. It’s distracting and makes me lose track of time. Heh.

Edit: Redrew Brynhildr’s head in panel 3. The disproportions were driving me out of my mind. It’s still not perfect, but it’s worlds better than it was.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall


Sparkly, fangirling Brynhildr may yet beat out Svafa’ as my fav’ Valkyrie. Svafa seems very effective at both derailing and pointing out fangirls, though. XD

And now I’m gonna’ have to go back and look to see how often Grace’s hilt has changed (if it has). :lol:


Madame Garrott looks rather Russian in panel 2. That makes me wonder about her background, despite the exhaustive summary you gave her profile. Does she have ex-KGB and ex-GRU connections?


Nah, no military backgrounds for her. She can’t stand taking orders. ^_^ No Russian, though I could see her having some French blood in her.


Love the dialogue between Brynhildr and Svafa. :D Brynhildr sure knows how to pick her role models. Also digging Sigrdrifa’s little chuckle. ^_^

Three cheers for Security! He seems to really enjoy showing off his powers of observation. :lol2:


RvB fanfiction? has that? …-headdesk- Of course it does…Duh…Under Halo…


Does Grace’s hilt change? -must go see-


Oh, is Madame Garrott wearing the same style rings as Mordred? :ohhyeahh: I love those rings, they look so deliciously evil on Mordred and even better on Madame Garrott.

Ah Madame Garrott, when my hair finally grows out I’ll make a pitiful attempt at making it look like hers (well, I know I can at least get the color right…)

Wow, I was so distracted by M. Garrott I almost forgot to glomp Security. :wow:


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