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First Night

If you’re curious, Wiglaf’s “Sweet Dreams and Good Rest” is actually a quote I stole from a good friend of mine. She’s the first person I’ve ever heard say it, and not only one time but quite regularly. It felt strangely appropriate (and nothing else I had Wiglaf say felt right) so I snatched it. ^_^

Anyway, it’s been a while since the these two were alone together, so I decided to hold back on the humor a bit. This was drawn while listening to “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace on loop for like two hours. I was a bit inspired.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Hate Everything About You.” Three Days Grace


^_^ Wiglaf’s not the only one for whom you drew from real life. “–and there are bugs out here. Bugs!”

Meanwhile, Brat and Driver are probably looking for ways to skin each other alive, Security is almost certainly on guard duty. (Oh! That would be a neat picture! Security stands on guard duty under the pale and clouded moonlight, with a dragon army rising over the hills in the distance.)

You’ve done so many neat things in this one, Liliy, starting with the viewing angle. That had to be a challenge in the first panel, with Mordred leaning on his elbows and face-down. And then there was the background coloration– it’s a nice break from the alternating bars, and conveys a nice, calm sense of evening/sleep. But my favorite element of this has to be the hair. For the first time, Mordred’s hair actually seems floppy, and Wiglaf’s hair really does flow. It’s the most incredible effect!

…now that both Wiglaf and Mordred are asleep, is there going to be a dream sequence? Eesh. It’s barely Friday, Liliy, and already you have me craving Sunday. :D


The green really does work for the shirt. Must be the lighting. Or maybe my genius. Yes, it’s definitely my genius.

Seriously, this is very good. My favorite thing about this is Mordred. The nightshirt falling off the shoulder is very cute (Drat! I said I wouldn’t say anything was cute!), and I like how sloppy and full his hair is.

I do have one criticism: Mordred’s comment about Wiglaf sleeping in the tent shouldn’t have been added to the end of his rant. It would’ve been funnier by itself. Though Wiglaf’s quick retort about Brat was great.

Hmm. What’s with the extra space off to the left? Are you highlighting how close Mordred and Wiglaf are sleeping together or are you just maintaining the standard comic size? Never mind, don’t answer that.

And my favorite song by Three Days Grace is “Never Too Late.”


Very nice. ^_^ I still think green is an odd color for Mordred, but it isn’t totally out of place.

I like Wiglaf’s excuse for sleeping in Mordred’s tent, too… XD I am curious as to where everyone else is sleeping, though. And what Driver might do to Brat while she’s sleeping. ^_^;


I like Wiglaf’s little grin in the second panel in response to Mordred’s derogation. It looks like he’s amused and thinking, “Yes, yes, I know all about how you feel. What else is new? We’re still pals.”

And it’s very logical that Brat could only be deterred from Mordred’s tent by Wiglaf’s presence. I wonder if she’s dreaming of having the romance with Mordred that he has resisted. Mordred apparently wants to be free of any emotional attachments that might interfere with his plans for world domination.


I’m surprised Wiglaf sleeps on his hair. For me, I’ll pull on my hair if I try to turn, so I get my hair out of the way first. Then again, Wiglaf probably doesn’t turn in his sleep.


I have hair about the same length; I sleep just fine on it and I toss and turn. XD I think he’ll be okay.


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