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First Thing He Thought Of

Ben’s second thought has something to do with noticing what color Éclat’s eyes are, but he went for the (slightly) less gushy option. He’s having a bit of a moment. :D

I’m having a lot of fun with this. Are you guys? I hope so. Hee hee hee.


Whelp, didn’t see that coming. No wonder Boss is going to be pissed.

‘That. That is a thing that happened.’
You nailed that one Ben, good job(but I’m with you there)

Real question, did this affect Bliss too? Because that will be interesting to see if it did. As well as Mordred’s reaction to the situation.


And now armed with the tools needed to take out the cannibalistic, kidnapping cult our heroes ventured off to???


Ooooh wow. Yes this is… fun.

I’m loving how flustered Ben and Azrael are! the artifacts seem to be handling it scary-well. Grace is particularly creepy-hot.

They both look really good in color, and smiling (:


oh man this is great, this is my new favorite story arc. I love Grace’s expression too, he looks super smug about being alive again.


I am constantly frustrated by these two. It’s like, they’re actually hot, but they’re terrible people! Why am I always attracted to terrible fictional people?

And I, for one, LOVE Grace’s freckles. Heee…..

I would also very much like to see Bliss. We got a glimpse of lil’ Bliss when she was human, but she was also a kid. Adult Bliss must be a knock-out, right?


Well, if Ben’s not going to go for the gushy option, I will. Eclat’s eyes are such a pretty colour.


Now I wonder if Bliss is as ditzy as a human as she was as an artifact. I think it might be interesting to see Mordreds reaction if she was/is the opposite of when she was an orb.


We all should be wondering if they have access to their powers. Also it seems that that April Fools page we had is starting to come true.


So, my next questions: Are they still bound to the items or back to human form? And how permanent is this?


Also: NOOOOOO!!!! Despite being annoying jerks with craziness as a staple, They’re surprisingly adorable as humans.

Also (also): The sisters are gonna be SO bummed if they’re physical now. It was one thing when he was invisible and intangible… Though at least now they may be able to kill grace…


oh crap a serial killer now has an actual body to kil children instead of being bound to a sword and az. wonder how this will play out.

and human bliss!!!


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