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Five’s A Crowd

Figures when I reach strip 200 that the color is late. XD Excuse? Um. My back hurts and I’ve been reading way too much transformers fanfiction. Falling asleep at my desk might have something to do with it too…so yeah, no real excuse. But it’ll be up Wed. night some time. XD

And we’re still with the Valkyrie Sisters. Hurrah! The three characters of my cast whoose names I can’t pronounce to save my life save for maybe Brynhildr. Heh.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Skeletons in my Closet” by Fat Man


“Safe answer”? I didn’t really care why Svafa isn’t wearing a bra but now I’m curious. XD

And poor Brynhildr; not only is she all distraught but Azrael is totally clueless and disinterested. XD


I wonder how these four—excuse me, FIVE—get through the day. In the same house nonetheless.

Happy strip 200!


It’s hilarious how agitated Brynhildr is, but you can’t blame her. Azrael’s nonsense is bound to drive anyone up a wall. “Barely smiling” Ha ha! :happy:

I also find it uproarious that even when Azrael is being most ridiculuous, the Valkyries still feel obligated to call him by the honorific “lord”. :lol2: It just doesn’t seem to fit. XD

Hurrah for strip #200!


Congratulations on 200 strips, Liliy! Did you ever think, way back when, that it could get this far?

Sigrdrifa looks quite becoming in her cowl-necked shirt. It matches her hair very well. And I love how you made her final gesture something that could be both interpreted as tea and as a martini. :*(

End everyone talks over Grace as if he’s not there for the entire strip. *Snickers.*


Honestly? At the rate of 5 strips over a year? No. XD Picked up the pace a bit didn’t I?

Yes. Drink is ambiguous. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.


Lol, gotta love the totally clueless Azrael. :lol2:

And congrats on 200 comic strips, Liliy!!! :D :D :D :D :D I sure hope one day I’ll reach that number, and gain the fans and respect you’ve gained with my comic (which I finally did the first strip of last night! It’s up on dA, if you’re interested :P ).


Oh poor Grace. You just wanted to know the answer…or embarrass Azrael. I can totally see him floating behind Azrael, grinning as Azzie is dragged into this conversation because of him.


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