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Freedom Is Relative

Family visits are still going on, but WaM’s still getting done. Somehow. XD So I hope you all enjoy!

Also, I love Bliss in the 3rd to last Panel. She turned out perfectly. Hee~


Wiglaf reminds me of the new person at work asks why we don’t particularly care for coworker X. And the first line of Mordred’s reply close to my usual reply…


Pfttt, the faces in the last two panels(though, did Mordred just put her on the ground?)


He’s still holding her. I just wanted to split up their faces in the panels to make the dialogue easier. XD


And here i thought bliss might have just seen something shiny and be trying to wiggle out of his arms to get to it.


*chokes on drink* Oh my god, Bliss, BBY! I was afraid her story would be something like this. Precious cinnamon roll Bliss, too good, too pure for this world.

She’s too cute.


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