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Fruit Punch on the Beach

Wanted to see if I still knew how to do backgrounds. Even simple ones. LOL. I did.

Even got some lighting in there. XD

Edit: Gotta wake up┬ásuper early on Saturday so that means I gotta’ turn in early on Friday. I┬áprobably have time to draw, but I’m super tired after a long week. XD; Gonna’ crochet and relax until bedtime. :3 See you Sunday!

Edit2 : I envy Security at the moment. LOL. Saturday went well! Ran a yard sale from 4:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Was wiped all day but it was a success. Sunday was actually pretty busy as well and now that D&D is over, I’m ready to drop. Oops. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. Try and relax like Security. XD


This is a nice relaxing break. Just Security on the beach, enjoying a day off. I missed this dude.


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